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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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welcome back and our big story is the weather. the rain is expected to last throughout the day and it is not just the rain that were expected to fall but snow. 2 in. of snow had hit the tahoe area and we are
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expecting more distant and for thanksgiving. >> people love to the top of for thanksgiving. i do not think it will get it there today and i came through it some sprinkles but some pockets were just pouring down this morning. >> what we're doing is scattered showers this morning. you will feel some heavier downpours but for the most part there is a light rain. and storm track record is all live up this morning and it will stay lit up in the next couple of hours pretty will take you in and show you where we're getting some that pours this morning. up in the santa rosa and in to san rafael and along concord. concede a darker shade of green indicates had feared downpours this morning so just to the east here at the '88 and to richmond and walnut creek as well we're expecting heavy downpours. you concede the peninsula is actually stopping in this morning right along san francisco heading towards daly city all the way to san
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mateo and into palo alto. it is picking up refuge raindrops and as you can see san francisco it through the airport is feeling a little bit of rain this morning. into this it they we are missing the set passing to the east and tahoe is experiencing heavy snowfall up along the 80 and of course the chains are certainly a record this running gigabit of that snowfall at there. it will continue it through out the weekend. as the sun starts to rise showers will pick up and will continue to see showers run through san the file and east bay and it will indicate downpours and seat pockets of that trip the morning. the best chance of showers is that the east and in to berber view. the north people start to dry out and by 10:00 when to see some leftover raindrops' of
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the latter part of your day as the deception going to bring a star conditions so here's a look your current temperatures the sun appeared during the fifties this morning so much, the were thiyesterday morning. we have a freeze wedding in affect for tomorrow and along this area towards the purple and east bay as well. the temperatures are expected to get into the mid-20s or low 30's. this can kill crops and vegetation said you have plants outdoors or your pets and doors he will certainly want to bring them in and there's also a freeze on watch it for things to the morning across the san francisco bay. here's a look at your san francisco seven day at around the bay. it does not look like his friend to ease its grip until saturday when the rain starts to settle. george? >> despite what has been less than the usual traffic we are already attracted hot spots. interstate 80 has a problem has and has spent for art, let us see, as
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yesterday and at least one day last week. there was to separate crashes on the west 80 in st. paul and in that general then sydney. the second of which still has emergency vehicles blocking the two right lanes and a similar special traffic advisory has been issued by the california highway patrol and when they issue a signal other in the bay area it usually means one of billions is blocked for it 30 or more minutes. with the two right lanes and shut down by emergency vehicles it's already slow through panama and no indication of how soon enable to get a clear. i must i am getting word right now that they do have an estimated opening and the abilene's cleared and out few as five minutes. right now there is one landlocked and instead of the two we will make it one of lane block. is getting the update
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from erica. this is better news. a bad damage may already be done for the 80 west right. here is a look at the ride coming down through all the and you concede that this is down after the accident see concede that the traffic is lighter. it means a small back up on the bay bridge once again this morning. not our only problem. but is taking first to our 101. southbound of the two right lanes are blocked. there is an accident that people are setting up a flare pattern is to try and slow the traffic which as you concede is moving past the scene fairly briskly. there is no backup or delay but the potential for problems does exist. the interstate 80 at has once again been the problem spa as we take a look at this year changed requirements. the to set 80 have shut down between placerville, excuse me, between gold mine and state line. they're turning people back at apple gay and as
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though they have opened up the past they'd do have a chain requirements in place. there are required between placerville and myers and the u.s. highway 50. james? >> thank you. we will continue with our team coverage of weather. we sent it will trend to see driver is going to this year and balance. >> i'm on the seventh have a 17 word is wet and foggy and miserable and you can see that the rain is coming down at this time. it is not as hard as it was 15-20 minutes ago. for now the authorities are born to be putting a sign over the roadway that the it road is wet to and slippery and to take it easy. are certain parts that as you drive up here you might hydroplane. won't even go the speed limit this morning or even at least to this out. i am will transfer
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kron4 news. >> just stand we're talk about this year and the snow and this just in the squat valley ski resort has been sold. the owners are confirming just moments ago that they have agreed to sell scott valley to the owners. the new owner is capital partners and has pledged $50 million in improvements over the next five years and expect a lot of renovation going on over there. the president said that the deal includes the operations and real estate holdings. >> a $30,000 award is being set up for a graduate of salted and robbed or mates. happened last saturday night. a stop to to but i she's walking home from the nose oakland bart station. one of the men had done. they robbed and sexually assaulted the woman and then
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they forced her to take them to department but to other web and in the apartment they it sexual assault of the two above and then brought them. >> clear when to take a break and then go out side. this is a quick live picture at that we carry on where we have conditions that the wet and cold to. once today's repasses we have to price ourselves for freezing temperatures into the late hours as we head into the weekend. that is up to watch out for. we also have live pictures of the chicago i will take a look at that when we get them. we will share with you on the can.
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and back to kron4 news morning. we are tracking hotspot this morning and you are looking at emergency crews in the right-hand lane just south of broadway assisting at the scene of an
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accident. of least the right lane is blocked to appear traffic is still light see you're getting a bite ok. you can see this parade being kicked up by the passing cars and it shows how tricky the driving is this morning. there is also pour visibility. the less than is also blocked at powell wrote. james? >> thank-you. a quick check at the stocks they are down this morning. the asian markets have really started this morning sell-off and they were about stooped in south and north korea after they exchanged artillery fire. there's also an economy rate increase. it is bigger than the 2% rate increase last month. meanwhile the corporate news the bay area at packard say that proffered roche with
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pershare earnings. >> tech as six wild and another story that we are following today. north and south korea exchanged artillery fire tuesday after the north shelled an island near their disputed sea border, killing at least two south korean marines, setting dozens of buildings ablaze and sending civilians fleeing for shelter. the supreme military command in pyongyang threatened more strikes if the south crossed their maritime border by "even 0.001 millimeter." the united states white house press secretary robert gibbs called on north korea to "halt its belligerent action," and said the u.s. is "firmly committed" to south korea's defense, and to the "maintenance of regional peace and stability." >> and we're just getting this now. from south korea president they're saying that the senate will release
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an enormous retaliation it should north korea attack again. to the back and forth continues this morning. >> in the meantime present are up, has been giving at early morning briefing. he was open up at 4:00 this morning by his national security adviser and he gets more updates throughout his intelligence briefing before going to indiana and about a speech before the economy. >> we will be back with more in just a minute.
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and were back of the time is 617 live look at the interstate i went to getting more from there on the rain coming down is affecting everyone. >> we have been seen scattered showers all morning james. right now eyeshot of downtown san francisco and we're actually seeing a few raindrops this
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morning through san francisco. cold nights go after the wet weather news out of the picture the cold weather will start to set in. it is going to be below freezing. right now you can see it storm tracker for is fairly active and will take he read and piercing sound showers in the north of set rows of the right to this out sitting over san rafael. in the east bay of we're getting a pocket of rain and it is also true the east bay and walnut creek through concord that is seeing rainfall waves coming down at 2 t of an inch per hour. also kind of heavy and the peninsula right through the san mateo bridge and really getting a lot of wet weather this morning. you can see san leandro and tell me that and a word in union city where it is heading to heavy downpours later this day. it is a heavy snowfall this year along the 80 and both
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spots this morning were the feature cast for the bay area shows us that if we head into the next hour we could be going to rain picking up a bit. all of this yellow indicates heavy downpour i we're going tto continue to seek aid poured down an isolated showers elsewhere. by 9:00 the best chance the east bay and in to the south bay as well. in the latter part of the day we are going to start to dryout but cool air is going to settle in as the head into tomorrow. this is probably the warmest will be in the morning for quite some time. it is upper 40's and low 50s and as we head into tomorrow never freeze warning in effect with all this purple as our warning. we're getting into the mid- 20s and low '30's and by thanksgiving morning we do have a freeze watch in effect with regard to see clear skies and and morning frost. we're looking at sunshine in the day with
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cold cold nights ahead of us. the next chance of rain will be saturday. george? >> smell has actually it shut down interstate 880 added is completely closed duties benefits to miles near gold hill to the nevada state line. chains are required about the 50 nbd rainouts by interstate 880 is completely closed down in this era and is turned around at applegate. interstate 80 is already backed up canoeist the signal alert has been cancelled and all lanes are open after a second accident that was blocking the to right hand lane after two hours has been cleared. traffic is backed up for highway 4 in the west bound direction and kron4 news is jackie has been at on spot to make sure that they have been able to get the lines open here and moved the emergency vehicles of the
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way and transported but injured it outo the hospital. the has not been many delays in birmingham. this is at the broadway. the right-hand lane remains blocked as you can see and as we first put the shot up 10-15 minutes ago they said this accident will be gone quickly but in fact we do see at to attract backing up here said they may be about to clear this accident. the good news is that it is so clear in the traffic it has not traded much of a back up said the location of this accident in the south won a one where the matter back up is this is the first time this morning that we have seen is that the broadway. at the bay bridge plaza we see no back up. this is a quick picture and again this morning it most of the traffic is held up on interstate 80 west bound. >> this just in. we have
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pictures come in and out of seattle where they are dealing with serious weather, snow and ice. this is a live picture from the chopper and the road ways are being cleared by workers. it is not easy, but there is a good number of traffic accidents and flight delays and in fact there was a 747 cargo plane from jfk it that skidded, 100 ft. past and the ground crews were and there to talk back so it could taxi to the proper gate. everyone on board was fine but it was a really scary situation for folks out there involved with this weather. we are born to keep an eye on it and you know how things develop. >> boy and now with the weather conditions live there is a moment to boycott the scanners. national all today is to our word some
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passengers are planning to the decline in going through this special scanners that you see here. instead that means they will have to be patted down which of course is point to take longer and some passengers want to avoid the scanners, they are going to find out which checkpoints do not have them and just go through those, for example, the sfo they have nine scanners and they are not all the new ones. if he walked out you have to get the pad on which as a slower method and that could cause delays if enough passengers refused the bodies can't undo the putdown. that is the whole point of it. the spokesperson for sfo told us that maybe it will separate the people who want to opt out of the bodies can and do pat downs said that it will have their own lines. you see, that is interesting. if you're part of the travel line you will be an and the other travelers for things given would be able
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to cruise right through. we will see what happens with that. there is a new poll tuesday despite the controversy with the body scanners near 2 million travelers support them because they are more concerned about fighting terrorists and protecting themselves on an airplane than protecting their personal privacy for a few seconds. according to the washington post 68% say that the government should focus on looking into possible terrorist actions even if that includes intruding on personal privacy and 26 percent say that the government should primarily of wade intrusions as far as the new machines are concerned 64 percent supported them and 30.2 percent are against them and a half of them say that the new pot down procedure goes too far. >> will take a break but we will be are back.
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a an herb that ends were talking about the weather. tom hull is getting tons of snow right now. in some spots highways over the mountain passes are close right now like on a 80. if we get there at all you will need chains but tomorrow will most likely be a better day to drive. you'll be back a couple of minutes.
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learn as and have is jammed with a lot of people but fort george may have a difficult road to hoe this morning with the accidents in the rain that made these words. tahoe, it is worse there. >> that is right with the closures will hear more about that later on. right now closer to, the
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interstate 80 on the west bound has been cleared. actually, the second of two crashes with emergency vehicles in the right hand lane you're looking at traffic heading towards the 880 west bound slowing down. frankly, it is not as badly as we thought it might be. this is slightly better news and here's bill location of our accident but again all lanes are open right now. it was on the peninsula southbound that we have the right lane shutdown with an accident here. as you can see all of the traffic is moving well with the traffic on and that back up as small as it was is fairly quickly point to dissipate. here is aircraferika >> if you're headed 80 of the sierra it is close between cold front and say line due to the snowy conditions. the traffic is being turned around at apple days of definitely be aware
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of that pretty well made chains on highway 50, does formalities if we can take a live look from our cameras here. the eastbound 80 on some of our screens you can definitely see the snow conditions. moderate weather with lee saidlouisa >> the mother in the bay area is very active. we have seen it showers through the north bay and pockets of the rain it through concord and also into walnut creek. getting into some heavy downpours as well right into clinton and highway for getting some rainfall and right into the peninsula. the southern part of the peninsula's stretching into the dumbarton bridge and pushing into hayward and fremont and fairly heavy pocket here it that has settled over the san mateo bridge and we are moving into union city as well. downpours are coming down about two tenths of an inch per hour. take a look at the
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sierra. just vacated it with heavy snow along the 80 and you can see all of the closure's out there, the roads are just a mess out there. it looks like as the sun starts to rise by our board to continue to see the showers pick up i felt the area in yellow we are seeing have your rainfall that we will be singing to the next hours. there's a chance of showers into the north bay and pockets into the east bay and a set this one appeared by the 9:00 hour we are seeing showers left over along the peninsula at but east bay by 10:00 it will start to taper off. the latter part of your day today will be dry now under current temperatures in the '50s are warmer than yesterday and these are much more warmer than what we're expecting over the next couple of mornings. we have freeze warnings in effect in the purple area to the north into the east bay as well. a freeze watch in this area
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is a point to go into your things giving morning. the temperatures are expected to get down to the mid-20s and low '30's. here's a look at your seven day around the bay and once the weather lets up this is when the cold weather sets in and it does not look like it is planned to let go of its grip until saturday. that is we have another shot every. james? >> the preliminary hearing continues and martinez of for seven suspects expected gain great been as stated. yesterday's testimony was extremely graphic as the investigator took the stand. >> almost all of the seven defendants accused of raping a 60 year-old girl were mentioned by name as the preliminary hearing a unfolded. greco testified that he investigated to says the experiencedortega told him at one point that the
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victim collapsed and that he dragged her over to be the answer. another person had intercourse with their and another urinated on her. they repeatedly he beat the woman with the back of heback os hand. the sheik's group for help. he also admitted to struggling with the victim of trying to take her necklace and when greco asked if he wished to apologize to the victim or take a toll it would not work. he said i am sorry for getting you drunk and letting people repeat. during his interview detective greco's said that morales said he was the one that urinated on the victim. loral is all sold admitted to stealing her ring. greco also testified that ortega and was headed and portrait the victim because she would not perform oral sex on him.
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the detective also testified that on his interview with frolics he named several defendants by name as being at the location either before or after the sexual assault. testimonies are expected to resume on tuesday. in martinez temperament for it kron4 news. >> also a oakland smokers are going against an ordinance that would tie in tobacco restrictions in santa clara county. the petitions are in opposition to a tobacco retailer permits ordinance that would require retailers that sell tobacco in the and incorporated areas to maintain at permanent ordinance. it would ban all sell a product. >> a quick look at the toll plaza and the traffic is beginning to build up as you make your way to the bay bridge approach. we will get
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an update on your commute and the mother disappearethe wea bit.
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you can't see hardly at thing right now. as trading on the san mateo bridge traded as 45 degrees and is in it to chile with the rain and there is well. i look at a high of 53. >> police have arrested fleeing the scene of a fatal police said. steavean taylor turned himself in to police on sunday night and was taken to the martinez detention facility on charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run causing death, antioch police said. about 2:20 a.m. sunday, a silver 1999 lexus suv crashed into a tree in the 2400 block of mahogany way. the passenger, a 19-year-old antioch man, was trapped inside the car. the man was flown to uc davis medical center, where he later died.witnesses told officers the suv was speeding before the crash happened, and the driver ran from the scene afterward. taylor is being held on $100,000 bail, a county jail employee said. >> have been charged with 16
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counts of robbery. 21 year olds eric williams. there were charged with a string of robberies and the police said that they help the victims at gunpoint and with the robbers both men have pleaded not guilty. they argue back in court december 10th. >> new details were a republican gun runners want to cut its budget for the real project. at the 27,000 republicans want to slash this analyst funds and without the stimulus funds the state will not be will to start construction because it would have the money. the plan would need to be approved by democratic control by the president and the project is in question this morning. >> it is 641 right now and
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we will be back. there it is a lot of stories with the weather and the traffic with thanksgiving coming up but a lot of people tried to get away for the weekend. there's a much snow and i hope that there is a portion of 80 that is completely shut down. you can see the clouds hanging over san francisco and some of them have rain. will be back is a couple of minutes.
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the 6:45 a.m. and this stores that we're following this morning. says vittoria says that there's a point to be a considerable amount of casualties after the shelling of the island on the disputed see border. it said dozens of fire to an island where there are civilians living. they send fighter jets in response. >> we are following the big board this morning with the dow down 105. somewhere only 15 minutes into the trading day. we heard from the government this morning
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that the economy did grow by about 2.5% in the latest quarter but it is not enough to bring down the unemployment rate. we're waiting for the october it home sales numbers. will see that will change it and on wall street. >> let me tell you we are in negative territory, it is cold of the bay area and it is cold and snowy. check out the cigarette, you need chains. this is a live shot. dat is shut down at colt help to the state line. and george is taking a look at both that and our local traffic as well because we have had hotspots to get through. george? >> the closure on interstate 80 enchained requirements are still in place for both u.s. highway 58 and 80. you do need chains and you need patience for the ride on the 88 freeway for the third day and a week we have had
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it that problem here ended is still hot spot despite this similar area of being cleared and the accident going away from the the red. two lanes were blocked then here's a live look at traffic and this is one of the few places that there is actually a break in the back up in the west bound direction and reaches beyond highway for. so, i get the third day in the week that we have seen these kinds of conditions and your ride into the bay bridge has not been too bad this morning. now that the accident is cleared more traffic is getting through enemy during lights have been activated and the 80 approach shows no slowing at all. it is like to the east parking lot. earlier problems have been cleared and this is traffic heading towards the san mateo coming out towards birling game. you concede that the taillights are in the
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northbound section, this is the southbound direction but the had the reoccurring problems that it is been well through birling game and both directions. a lot of wet pavement out there that is see how long the brain will be with us. >> you can see spotty showers across the bay area appeared will take you and see where we're getting showers this morning. you can see if you're into the north bay ended to deliver more value as well. into the light showers in palo alto and also as he headed to cupertino. right here there's a cell that is increasing the raid to about half an inch per hour so it is really coming down in pleasanton and dublin 10. there is a light felt that roll through out daly city pushing towards the east base are really what we have been saying as head organist showers and there are heavy downpours in to this year
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where we are cake did this morning. we're seeing heavy snowfall on the 880 and the 50 as well so all lot of that snow is making a mess of the roads up there. as the look at future press for we see into the next hour and a lot of activity. date yellow it shows as heavy downpours that we will continue with for the next couple of hours of light o'clock expect more showers into the east bay and north bay as well. by the 9:00 hour we could see seven clearing in the north day but still keeping the chance into the peninsula as well. by 10:00 we're starting to taper off and clear by the latter part of our day. but temperatures into that the valley and to free not looking at the '50s but tomorrow much, much colder temperatures. you can see all of the purple here is freezing where the temperatures will get into the 20s and then the '30's as well. expects of cross over the morning and that we have a freeze watch for the
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thanksgiving morning hours of debate. here's here's seven day at around the bay. once we dry up we're looking at cold weather that will hold a group of press and by saturday the temperatures will start toward but it will also bring in more wet weather. james? >> it you. it is 6:50 a.m. and some relatives of the men killed over in the gulf of mexico base say that too much focus has been on this bill rather than the loss of lives. they've wanted detailed answers about how their calibers actually died back on the disaster happened and they want to have a bill for the negligence and they have been left with all the financial support. >> we are identified and consumer advocates say an approach which presents are good for under the christmas tree. they are born to release their latest trouble in toyland report and here
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is some video and the toys that they considered dangerous for kids. pure corn to see what toys and will provide a choking hazards or have toxic materials or anything else that you might not want to have your kids around. >> greenhouse emissions are a growing short of what you need to avoid. a report that was released yesterday shows that voluntary pledges bid by dozens of countries last year in keeping temperatures from rising. there went to be in cancun, mexico next week on talks to curbing greenhouse toxins. >> they are doing tests on at jawboned that was found on island beach two-seat if it is building to the missing teenager natalie holloway peers was last seen on the island in 2005 and her dental records were sent to the forensic institute
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last week. her father believes that it is his daughters by >> or. it is day five now in new zealand and still no word from those trapped miners. this is some dramatic video that we collected from last friday's explosion that ripped through the collection, or section of trapped miners working in. there is still too toxic to send and rescuers. they tried every bought yesterday but it malfunctioned two hours into the operation. here is what what man needs to say about his brother who is a minor track below. >> i don't know, i don't know what it is like out there. he, they are all the crew out there. as well. i just want to know, i cannot say anything or do anything, it is my flesh and blood out there
6:53 am
>> we are told that each miner carried it 30 minutes of oxygen and first air and food and water was also stored in the mind that would allow them to survive several days but as i said we are daunting five. >> it is 6:53 a.m. is the time right now and will be back morwith more and this is a shot a 7 to a bridge. those mos
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taking a look at the seven day at around the bay of the forecasters calling for cooler temperatures and then the big story is the cold blows that we're getting ready to have on thursday and friday and overnight lows of 29 degrees. there are some really cold nights and a chance of freezing that could happen by tomorrow morning because we're starting but colt lower trend. you want to check out for that when you're driving. as we go into the weekend after
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thanksgiving is the chance of rain comes back and we still have those chilly temperatures. >> focuprince william will marry kate middleton at westminster abbey in london on friday, april 29 next year. april 29 is also the feast day of st catherine in the roman catholic calendar. ms middleton will officially be called "catherine" once she is a member of the royal family.the wedding will be paid for by the royal family, along with the middletons out of private money. pick up part from security. >> they have to get out there in the hills on the mound? will have to check it out. it is pointed cost richard seymour it $2,500. seymour it knocked him to it occurred. see? he was ejected from the game. i now
6:58 am
in the addition to the ejection he is walking off and it will be 25 grand. he said he was frustrated. >> ok is five or 60 7:00 a.m.. the sec a quick break. this is the sierra mountains and selma areas of the 80 are shut down as results. you need to bring your chance to get in some skiing action this weekend appeared will be right back.
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